Best Letter Of Recommendation Collection 2021

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Wring a letter of recommendation can be a bit challenging especially when you are writing it for a person who is very trustworthy and special. Here we will share some tips and example which help you to craft a superb and amazing letter of recommendation without putting much effort. Our guide helps you to write a recommendation letter which not just look professional but effective too. So are you ready?

One of the best ways to start writing the letter of recommendation is to start out with a formal greeting or you can simply use ‘To whom it may concern’. This is specially used when you don’t about the recipient.

Soon after, start explaining how you know the person and why he or she is qualified for the asked job. Don’t forget to add qualifications and out of the box achievement of the person in the body of the letter. At the end of the letter confirm it again that you are recommending the person for the asked position or job. You can understand it more clearly by reading below tips.

How to Write Letter of Recommendation

Start With Formal Writing Conventions

Letter of recommendation is much similar to any other professional communication so don’t think it as too hard. All you need to follow some guidelines and rules like:

  • Followed by date writer your address on the top right.
  • Just below mention the recipient’s name and address (if you know).
  • Begin the body part with a formal business greeting like Dear Ms. David or Dear Sir or Madam (in case you don’t know the recipient’s name).

Open With Enthusiasm, Some Praise But Keep It Short

Let the company or organization know how much do you trust in a person with just opening lines. You don’t need to spill out the beans but make sure it should have some quick words that describe the personality and achievements. Keep in mind that your little words make a big difference. You can use below lines:

  • “It makes me extremely happy to recommend Michael for the position of Senior Analyst at XYZ Corporation.”
  • “No matter what he does, David Spencer does it well.”
  • “Any company should count themselves lucky to have an employee as bright, friendly, and dedicated as Mark.”

Describe How You Know The Person

It good to describe that how you worked together, how you met him or her etc. Here are some handpicked lines which you can use.

“I was both Merry’s adviser and teacher throughout her time at Oxford College. I watched her shine both in the classroom and during office hours, and had the joy of watching her meet and then exceed expectations with her thesis.”

“As VP of Website Development, I was David’s personal assistant from 2010 through 2018. We worked closely together on several key projects, and I got to know him very well during this time.

“As the Dean of Students, I deal with many young people throughout the day. However, I was lucky to spend several hours a week with Ms. Bonham in her role as Committee President. In my 32 years as Dean, I have rarely been so impressed.”

Be Specific About The Candidate’s Successes And Qualification

Describing the candidate’s successes and qualification help the new employer to understand his potential candidate easily. It is necessary because most of the things are not cleared in an interview or first meeting. Have a look at some examples.

“David’s sophisticated grasp of database architecture, combined with an innate feel for UX design and a warm, personal approach to his in-company client base dramatically improved the productivity of our company’s merchandising, creative, and editorial departments. His approach to managing application support, maintenance, and training were highly professional and greatly respected, both by end users and by the executive team.”


“Merry was always inquisitive but never pushy. Despite being able to answer almost any question, Merry would rather sit back and help others find the answer for themselves. Countless students, who I thought was doomed to struggle, happily told me how tutoring sessions with Gina helped them turn the corner. And I had many conversations, both as her professor and a peer, that I will remember happily for years.”

“When Ms. David hears the word “no,” you can almost see the gears start to turn. She is a mover and a shaker — interfacing with students, faculty, staff, and even outside agencies to find solutions to any problem.”

Top 10 Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation No. 1

This is our first template of the recommendation letter. It is specially drafted for you if you don’t know about the recipient. So instead of using ‘Dear Mr or Ms’ here, we used ‘To Whom It May Concern’.

In this recommendation letter, recommendation starts from the time duration of knowing the candidate. Further how she is at work is mentioned. It has some quality and powerful word for the candidate which you obviously don’t want to remover.

Those words are honest, reliable, helpful, outgoing personality, and more.  Get a little glimpse on it before you look on its preview “I have known Dominic Storey for five years. During this period she has demonstrated that he is a very honest and reliable person.

He has been my junior assistant for four years; he has not missed a day during this period and is always on time. Dominic has been very helpful with my other team members, and because of his outgoing personality, they have requested that he be their only assistant.

During the time she has been working for me, she has maintained excellent grades in school. Because of Dominic’s good judgment and proved work habits, I would highly recommend her for any job.


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Letter of Recommendation No. 2

If you are referring someone to any university or school then this template perfectly suits you because it has all the details which one can use. People from universities or school love to read information in bulk so considering this we have tried to add lots of information which help you to kickstart your idea.

We tried to keep the letter general as much as possible so you can use it with making fewer changes. This is a letter in which a senior professor is recommending one of his favorite students for the Biology Scholarship.

He is asking for the 80% of the scholarship program. It has fillers line like “Being the senior professor at St. Annes School. I have come across my bright students and Mr. Bobby Madsen is surely one of them.

He has a very sharp knock for Biology and Mathematics and it has been his passion to pursue his further studies in any one of these subjects. Bachelors in Biology will be the perfect candidate for someone who has won 5 interschool Biology Project displays and repeatedly scores top marks in the subject.

I know that this scholarship goes to the most deserving applicants and this why I am recommending Mr. Bobby Madsen for it. If you wish to know anything more about him, you can contact me anytime at my mentioned phone number.” you can change it according to your need. We have just given you the basic idea.


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Letter of Recommendation No. 3

This recommendation letter is a bit different from the above two letters and the first thing which you will notice it it’s beginning. Well as you can see it directly starts with ‘Dear’.

Don’t be doubtful as you can start it this way too that is the reason why we have added this to our list. Now whether you like it or not we can’t say it as it completely depends on individual taste.

If you want to stick with old formats then you can go with the previous one or you will find more in this page but if you want a unique and eyes catching letter then you would love to try this unique format.


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Letter of Recommendation No. 4

If you are here for a tenant recommendation letter then your wait is over as here we are providing a dedicated tenant recommendation letter. This letter is a perfect example where pros and cons were explained very well.

Don’t believe? Read it now: Dear Mr. Ross, it gives me great pleasure to recommend Raymond Brownlee who has been my tenant for over five years. He had an impeccable payment record and always paid the rent on the due date or before the due date.

In the beginning, there were complains of very loud music from his house but when he was informed about this he felt sorry and immediately stopped it.

There were no complaints whatsoever from the housekeeper and caretaker as well. He was known as a happy-go-lucky man. Raymond gave me ample notice whenever he intended to go on vacation.

This facilitated enough time for me to find a replacement. He always made sure the house is in good condition and took extra care not to damage any of the fittings. I would recommend Raymond Brownlee as a tenant from my jovial experience with him. I will gladly answer if you have any further query.


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Letter of Recommendation No. 5

If you don’t like the third one then obviously you are the one who wants to follow the traditional format, right? Well, there is nothing wrong with it as it is all about the choices.

This one is our one of the longest recommendation letter which you don’t might love to read right from the image so let us give you some glimpse of it. “It is with great pleasure that I find myself writing this letter of recommendation for Joseph Sachs.

Joseph is an outstanding employee who on a daily basis goes ‘above and beyond’ in his administrative support to Student Government and continuously exceeds the performance standards for his position as Office Manager.

David willingly accepts new assignments and offers to help wherever she can. Student Government is a frenetic environment that presents many competing demands on the staff there. Mr. Irani remains steadfast in his cheerfulness, calmness, and dependability.

He is an extraordinary employee and a vital member of the team in Student Government. David has demonstrated excellent managerial and decision-making skills, she is attentive to tasks and works tirelessly to achieve the goals of the department.” If you find it useful then download the word file now.


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Letter of Recommendation No. 6

Here is our another great and impeccable template which you would love to use. It is a recommendation letter which is from the boss. He wants to recommend his junior analyst to another company.

It begins like Michael worked under my supervision as a junior analyst from January 01, 2015 to May 30, 2018.  His responsibilities included analyze data, check facts, monitor progress, in addition to some light clerical duties.

During the course of his employment, Michael proved himself to be an able employee, a hard worker, and a talented researcher. I was quite impressed by Michael’ ability to complete all work assigned to him on time, if not before it was due.

His research was always thorough and comprehensive, and his fact-checking was always accurate. We sometimes allow our research assistants to conduct their own experiments, but James’ talents prompted us to assign him more topics of research then the norm.


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Letter of Recommendation No. 7

If you love the long letter of recommendation the here is one more for you. This letter has lots of details which is added so that the recipient gets most of the details before meeting the candidate face to face.

This kind of long letter of recommendation actually helpful for a candidate who is kind of introvert. Most of the introvert people are not able to express about their skills or what they are good at, well that’s why they are called introverts, right?

But it is seen that most of the time such an introvert person are not just able to give their best but they are very productive. If you have any such employee then try to help him or her by telling most of the qualities in the letter as no one knows him or her better than you.


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Letter of Recommendation No. 8

This is a recommendation letter for college admission. In above examples or templates we have used some fake address and name so here for some change, we have added some brackets indicating what should be there.

Replace the brackets including text with the information that you want to fill. We have created this template for beginners who are totally unaware of things like when should I need to add recipient name, address, my name etc. and more.

The body part is almost the same which means it has relevant information related to college admission. It has attractive and powerful text like He is an accommodating sort of student without any exaggeration.

He has studied under my supervision for more than two sessions and I have never seen him violating the laws in any form. He is the fine guy with all better traits of the best student. He is always committed to his studies but his co-curricular record is equally attractive as well.

He is a fine player of basketball too and has always earned repute and reward for his school during his school education. I am sure it will prove a useful addition to your college from all perspectives. You can write me to affirm any other thing that you may require in near future.


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Letter of Recommendation No. 9

If you are the one who loves our third template then we have a surprise for you. Most of the people love to use the letter of recommendation in a traditional format but as we said above there are people who also love to write a letter in a different and unique way that’s why we have added the third template.

We feel that it is not worthy to add just one template so here is another one at your service. It is a recommendation for a babysitter which has lines like “Linda has been a wonderful babysitter with a great work ethic.

She provides good care for my daughter, and she is always punctual. She also lets me know her availability well in advance so I can plan my work weeks.

Linda is very cooperative and does everything I ask about caring for my daughter.” It is ready to send a template. Just download the word file, open it, make necessary changes and use the format to send a letter of recommendation.


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Letter of Recommendation No. 10

If you are looking for a letter of recommendation where you want to praise a lot about your beloved candidate then here is one of the best templates for you. Yes, we remember, above we recommended to avoid to much praise.

Well, don’t worry once you read the template you will find it perfectly balanced. Yes, it contains too many praises but in a balanced way and it is our guarantee that you will not feel disappointed while using it. Don’t agree?

Read some of its lines yourself and decide. “She has established a record of being dependable (seldom missing a day), very well organized, demonstrating initiative by recognizing what needs to be done before being asked, and is congenial in her relationships with clients and coworkers.

It is always a pleasure to recommend someone of Ms. Smith’s background for employment in a career position, knowing that she will make a valuable contribution to any organization with which she is affiliated.

If you have any questions regarding her abilities or character, please call me at the above-mentioned number.” Interesting isn’t? So what are you waiting for immediately download it and use it now?


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Wait we have more. All you need to just bookmark this page and come again and check as we keep updating this page with a new letter of recommendation. For more templates, you can check out our website.