Best Proof of Employment Letters Collection 2021

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Employment Letters

A proof of employment letters is a formal correspondence which is also known as employment verification letter too. It is generally written by an employee’s employer, to a requesting organization, company, or any other party.

It is generally asked so that they can verify the work history of the employee they are want to hire or already hired. Proof of employment is generally required when a person applies for a new job, attempts to rent property, applies for a loan and other.

If you are asked to write a proof of employment of your any existing employee then first you need to explain who you are and remain truthful about the employee. Summarize his or her duties and at least verify the employment.

You need to reply to all these things on a professional letterhead, apart from it you need to mention your contact information along with your signature. To make the things more clear we will tell you how you can write an effective and professional proof of employer or employment verification letter.

If you are here for a knowledge then obviously you want to draft your own personalized proof of employment. If yes then you will get all knowledge here. We try to explain all the things in steps so you can easily draft your letter.

Anyways if you have less time and if you want a quick template then still don’t worry as after this tutorial you will find our exclusive collection of proof of employment templates which are downloadable and editable so if you want them just skip the below portion.

Tips to Write a Letter for Proof of Employment

First Figure Out Why You Need To Write A Employment Proof Letter

Your emplacement verification letter may vary depending on the audience you are writing for. Yes if you are thinking that you need to revert to only big companies then you are wrong.

Let’s consider two scenarios, in the first scenario you are required to write a proof of employment for a financial institution and in the second scenario you need to write a letter for your employee who is looking for new jobs. Now tell us what will be your approach for both situations?

Well don’t feel confused here, we recommend you to deal with the first one with a professional way by adding financial information like commissions, bonuses, salaries, raises etc. You can be a bit formal in the second situation by omitting the financial information.

By understanding the scope and purpose of your proof of employment letter you can write an effective and professional letter that fits with the needs of the recipient.

Consider Who Is Most Appropriate Person to Write The Verification Letter

Generally, proof of employment letters will be drafted by employers on beheld of employees. In such a scenario, an employee might approach you, the employer and ask you to write a proof of employment letter for a specific need. There is also a situation where the employee needs to write the employment verification letter for himself or herself.

If you stuck with such situation then you just simply need to write the letter for yourself and ask your employer to adapt or sign it. in most cases, the employer should write the letter on behalf of the employee. Read further to make the things more clear.

If you are an employer who needs to write the letter for an employee then you are free to make customizations at your level. In short, you are able to control the message. One additional benefit of this is authenticity and genuineness which automatically comes when any employer writes a letter.

Now if you are an employer then obviously you have a tight schedule and writing a proof of employment can be a time-consuming task for you. If so then instead of the briefly explained letter you can sum up the proof of employment with fewer words. It should be short and concise.

Now coming to the scenario if you have to write your own letter being an employer, in this situation you are able to control the information. One of the biggest advantages of this is you know yourself better than other so you can easily write what you feel about you.

Now don’t take too much advantage of it and don’t start praising yourself too much. Be professional as much as possible. Your boss will surely appreciate you for saving his or her time.

Top 10 Proof of Employment Letters

Proof of Employment Letters No. 1

Here is our one of the special proof of employment which you would love to try. This is crafted for marketing manager post but you can replace it obviously. We have given a full downloadable word file which link you will find just below the image preview.

Download the word file and customize or edit according to your need. It has salary mention, working years, contact, address, and more so be careful, read the letter carefully and change all the necessary details.

Proof of Employment Letters
Proof of Employment Letters

Proof of Employment Letters No. 2

This one is simple and effective. Instead of making it complicated we try to finish lines in one sentence. This kind of writing is currently trending and you will find it in most of the articles of the big site.

We thought why don’t try to mix up both things and once we tried you can’t ignore the fact that it just looks awesome and amazing. If you still doubtful about our creation and it doesn’t impress you much then feel free to check our next template.

Proof of Employment Letters 2
Proof of Employment Letters 2

Proof of Employment Letters No. 3

This is one of the unique and greatest examples of past employment verification letter. If you are looking for a template which mentions salary then this one is just perfect for you. We ensure that it covers experience, salary, and other important details.

It starts with interesting lines like ‘Kinley Harper has been employed as Administrative Manager at Whitehead Industries since March 16th, 2009, Kinley’s annual salary as of 31 September 2012 is $50,000.’ You can edit the amount name etc. according to your needs.

Proof of Employment Letters 3
Proof of Employment Letters 3

Proof of Employment Letters No. 4

If you are looking for a bit longer letter then here is one of our best letters which is not just long but is a simple and easy to read and understand. If you are feeling difficulty reading the texts then let us help you with the text before you download it.

It says ‘This letter is to verify then Lynn Cherry is employed with Tennant & Associates as a customer service representative. Lynn has been employed with us for the past two years, she is currently a fully time employee with a compensation level of $20,000 per year.

Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding Lynn’s employment. I can be reached via mobile at 2648751236 or by email at’.

Proof of Employment Letters 4
Proof of Employment Letters 4

Proof of Employment Letters No. 5

Try this one which has some blacks. All you just need is just download the template and fill the blanks. It is an example of a confirmation letter which you would love to try. For better understanding just focus and blanks and fill it with relevant information.

It has lines like Consequent to the review of your performance during your probation, we have the pleasure of informing you that your services are being confirmed as ‘date’ with effect from date. Please accept our personal congratulations on this well-deserved recognition of your continuing excellent contributions and work commitment.

We look forward to your valuable contributions and wish you all the very best for a rewarding career with the organization. Please sign the duplicate copy of this letter as a token of acceptance of the same.

Proof of Employment Letters 5
Proof of Employment Letters 5

Proof of Employment Letters No. 6

This one is a full professional letter which you can’t ignore. We have added all the necessary details like salary, work time or experience, position and more. It has just crafted for you.

See it has lines like ‘This letter is to confirm that Jordan Mcbride has been employed since December 1, 2016, on a full-time basis as a Senior Technical Engineer. His annual salary is $145,000 USD per year.

We need him to travel to New York 10 March to 30 March 2018 to attend our annual Senior Engineer Training Seminar to be held at our New York offices. Please feel free to contact us if your office should require any further information.’

Proof of Employment Letters 6
Proof of Employment Letters 6

Proof of Employment Letters No. 7

If you want a letter template where your personal things more reflect rather than regular texts. If you are looking for the same then let us introduce you to our one of the most downloaded template.

It consists of fully customized content like ‘This letter is confirmation that [Employee First and Last Name] has been employed with [Company Name] since [Employee Start Date]. Currently [Employee First and Last Name] holds the position of [Employee’s Title].

His/Her] [weekly/monthly/annual] compensation [is/was] [$amount]. [Optional Paragraph as Needed]. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at [Employer Phone Number/ E-mail].’

Proof of Employment Letters 7
Proof of Employment Letters 7

Proof of Employment Letters No. 8

If you love the above but still has less time then here is a quick template for you where you just need to make three to four changes only.

It is an employee verification letter which you definitely love to try. It features texts blocks like ‘Mr./Ms (name) currently works for (name of company). He/she started working here on (start date at the company).

He/she holds the position of (job title) at our company. (Brief company) description with website links. 2-3 sentences Mr./Ms (name)’s salary/hourly rate is $. Please contact us if you have any further questions.’

Proof of Employment Letters 8
Proof of Employment Letters 8

Proof of Employment Letters No. 9

If you don’t like the simple one and looking for the one which not just look professional but amazing then here is exactly what you are looking for. It consists of text like ‘We are pleased to confirm you’re being employed by our film in the capacity of [POSITION].

You will report directly to [NAME], commencing with your start of employment on [DATE]. Your salary shall be [ANNUAL SALARY] per year.

You will also be covered by the standard group benefit plans and fringe benefits explained to you. For the first year, vacation time shall be pro-rated, so you will be entitled to [NUMBER] vacation days for this year.

It is understood and accepted that the employment relationship we have agreed to is a relationship, and that is may be ended by rather a party, at any time, and for any reason. If you agree this letter sets forth our understanding, please sign the enclosed copy and return for our files.’

Proof of Employment Letters 9
Proof of Employment Letters 9

Proof of Employment Letters No. 10

It seems that if you are reading this then again you are looking for something simple otherwise you would not scroll, right?

Anyways let’s give you one of the simplest templates form our list which perfectly fits with your needs. It consists ample of text like ‘This letter is to confirm that [name] has been full-time employed by [employer], since [employment start date] as [position].

Should you have any questions, please contact the undersigned.’ Download the word file make necessary changes and you are ready to send it.

Proof of Employment Letters 10
Proof of Employment Letters 10

If you want more proof of employment letters then bookmark this page as we keep updating this page with new proof of employment letters. Meanwhile, you can explore our site for more amazing templates.