Guide to Know About Purchase Requisition Form

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Guide to Know About Purchase Requisition Form

Implementing a requisition procedure can assist drive smart spending and eliminate wasteful expenses if your company is on a tight budget, struggling with cash flow concerns, or simply being alert against superfluous purchases. The purchase requisition form is a crucial part of the procurement procedure. You can use the free Purchase Requisition Form Template is available on the internet.

What is a Purchase Requisition Form?

An employee can use a purchase requisition form to purchase products or services on behalf of their company. These purchases could be for office supplies, inventories, or manufacturing inputs.


The purchase requisition form is submitted to the purchasing department for clearance, the first step in generating a thorough purchasing audit trail. A buy order is issued to the vendor of the desired goods or services once the relevant department approves the purchase requisition. You can download the Purchase Requisition Form Template on the internet to ease the process.

A Purchase Requisition’s Contents

  • the requestor’s name and department
  • Requested date
  • Requested goods or services
  • Description of the item, its amount, and its cost
  • Purchase motivation
  • The vendor’s legal name is

How does the Requisition Form Process Work?

The employee will first need to get a purchase requisition form. If the company uses e-procurement, they will log in and fill out an electronic form to submit a request. The employee must next complete the form, explaining the purchase and why it is required. For example, if the employee’s office chair breaks, they may need to request a replacement. The form will then get forwarded to the approver for review.


They’ll look over the purchase requisition and approve it. The purchase request form may need to be sent to another party inside the company to confirm details if necessary. If an employee orders a new laptop, it may get forwarded to the IT department to see if the device is compatible with the company’s data security standards.


Following that, the requisition form will get delivered to the procurement department, which will source the purchase. Procurement will also convert the request to a purchase order. Finally, as a formal request, the purchase order is sent to a vendor, and the purchase gets made.

The Benefits of Using a Purchase Requisition Form

It is a quick requisition process- With the help of this form, the requisition and subsequent approval of products and services can get completed considerably more quickly. Because all of the information gets presented clearly and concisely, it is simple for the appropriate authority to review it and issue a purchase order.


It’s the safest and most efficient way to have your purchase approved. This form serves as the only legal proof of a company’s request for various goods and services. It serves as a legal document, and it is kept on file by the relevant approval department for future reference.


One document can serve multiple purposesā€”one of this form’s main advantages is its multitasking ability. This form can record any item or service that gets required for approval. It is painless, and the procedure is straightforward.

Purchase Requisition
Purchase Requisition
Purchase Requisition Form Template
Purchase Requisition Form Template
Purchase Requisition Form
Purchase Requisition Form