How Do I Make a Word Invoice Template?

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How Do I Make a Word Invoice Template?

Word offers a variety of invoice templates, including standard templates, sales invoices, service invoices, statements of work, and more. This variation provides you the freedom and direction you need to get started, and you can personalize these invoices by adding your company’s information and logo.¬†


You can also store your invoices and update them with new details in the future using Word’s free invoice builder. Word invoices can also be sent as attachments or printed and mailed. Non-subscribers seldom can’t store invoices for future use when using online invoice generators or free invoice producers.


Ways to create your own template 

You can generate an invoice from scratch in Word, but using one of Word’s available templates is a clever choice. Once you’ve decided on a template, deliver it to your computer and fill in the blanks. You don’t need a Microsoft Office subscription to utilize Word’s online invoice creator, but you will need one to amend invoices online. You may download the Word invoice templates to your computer once again and alter them there. Alternatively, you may complete the entire procedure using Microsoft Word:


  • To begin, open Microsoft Word.
  • Select New from the File menu.
  • In the search area, type in the invoice, and Word will display all available Word invoice templates.
  • On the Office Online site, there are some themes to choose. More Templates may be found at the bottom of the page. Then, on the left, pick Category and then Invoices.
  • Select the template you’d want to use.
  • To open the template, double-click it.
  • If you’re using Office Online, you have the option of downloading or altering documents online.
  • Add your company’s information on the invoice.
  • To add text, click on the desired location and begin typing, then erase the dummy text.
  • Click the box around the text that says Your Logo Here if the invoice includes a spot for your logo.¬†
  • Click an image from the Insert menu, then look for your corporate logo, pick it, click Insert. The file types.jpg,.gif, and.bmp are all acceptable.
  • You can utilize clip art if you don’t have a logo. Select Clip Art from the Insert menu and select the image you like.
  • Delete any fields you don’t intend to utilize. If you don’t have a corporate motto, for example, eliminate that field.
  • Choose the image, then click to the Format tab and make changes with the tools. You may draw dotted or solid lines, add background shading, change the color of your text, and make other adjustments.
  • Review and save your work.


Best way to save a Word invoice as a PDF?

Make any final edits to the invoice, save it to your computer, and send it to your customer as an attachment. If you choose this approach, keep in mind that not everyone’s PC has Word installed. To guarantee that your clients can readily access the invoice, save it as a PDF and send it to them. To do so, go to File > Save As, and then choose PDF from the “Save as type” drop-down menu.


If you mail the invoice, print a copy and text it. Note in your records that you sent the invoice to keep track of it. Put a reminder in your digital calendar, and if the invoice gets not paid by a specific date, contact your customer to remind them of the payment deadline.

tutsplus elegan Word Invoice Template
tutsplus elegan Word Invoice Template
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Word Invoice
Word Invoice Template
Word Invoice Template