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Drafting a Resume for a Head of Marketing

These are just a few of the numerous characteristics of someone who has risen to the top of the corporate marketing hierarchy. In a resume for a marketing director, the roles you do should reflect your ability to strategize. To produce a marketing plan aligned with business objectives, they evaluate information gathered from marketing managers on market conditions, customers, competitor trends, and other aspects. Every company needs a Marketing Head, regardless of the industry. If you’re looking for a job as a Marketing Director, use InDesign Head Marketing Resume Samples to help you write your resume.

Tips for preparing a resume for a Head of Marketing

Your Head marketing resume should include career details that will help companies recognize you soon. Select relevant experience, abilities, qualifications, and noteworthy accomplishments that align with the job’s needs. You can use InDesign Head Marketing Resume Samples to help you write a marketing head resume that will stand out to employers.

Use a resume summary to establish a strong applicant.

Because recruiters generally have limited time to evaluate resumes, you’ll need a powerful opening that grabs their attention and makes them want to read further. A resume summary is a two- or three-sentence summary at the top of your resume highlighting the most relevant and remarkable characteristics and experience that distinguish you as a great candidate.

There are four elements to a good resume summary:

  • Years of experience with the topic
  • Expertise fields
  • Skills
  • Highlights of success


Include just years of relevant experience and expertise. If you’re not sure, look through a few marketing manager job descriptions to see any common themes in required and desired talents, and mention the ones you have on your resume. Always begin your resume summary with an adjective to create a bigger story about who you are as a contributor. 

Use ATS keywords to enhance your skills section.

Many organizations use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to go through resumes quickly and discover appropriate workers. Because the applicant tracking system scans hundreds of resumes, evaluating candidates based on the inclusion of keywords chosen by the business for the open position, including ATS keywords in your resume is critical. As a marketing head, you should know how to use keywords in your resume so that the applicant tracking system (ATS) recognizes you as a strong prospect.

To tell a gripping story, use action verbs.

To convey the complete scope of your professional experience, use action verbs. Employers should get enthused about the potential contributions you may make to their team after reading examples of your previous impact. Communicate prior duties, accomplishments, and project effects with a confident tone for marketing managers. In your professional experience section, aim to start each bullet point with an action verb.

Quantify your success by incorporating data.

The marketing experience you choose to add should reflect the breadth of your work and what you’re capable of accomplishing to the reader. Include measurable statistics within each bullet point to demonstrate as much impact as feasible. Content production, copywriting, strategic planning, and lead generation are the skills a marketing manager may possess.