What is a Packing List, and What Should a Packing List Include?

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What is a Packing List, and What Should a Packing List Include?

In international trade, a packing list is a helpful document. It informs the exporter, international freight forwarder, and eventual consignees about the shipment, including how it gets packed, the dimensions and weight of each package, and the marks and numbers on the outside of the boxes. Make use of the packing list template that is available on the internet.

The Importance of a Packing List

The packing list is crucial protection against international transportation of wrong cargo. For example, an export packing list is significantly more thorough than a domestic packing list. All partners in the supply chain must have their needs met by the packing list.


It can accompany an inspection certificate and supports what is getting shipped from one company to another. A bill of lading will be issued by the transporter using the packing list (BOL). A lading bill is a document that indicates that cargo gets received for export or import transportation. BOLs are crucial if something goes wrong with the goods while they are getting transported.


For clearance and admission into a foreign nation, a Customs Broker will use the packing list. Because this document will get used to clear your goods, it must be identical to the commercial invoice in terms of quantity, description, and all other components. The list can verify items using electronic export information (EEI), which gets frequently used by the US and international customs officials.


The seller might utilize the list as a final check to ensure that an order gets successfully pulled and filled. They will insert the document within the shipment’s cartons for domestic shipping. The list will be attached to the outside of the box for exported shipments.


When the package arrives at its final location, the buyer can compare the item delivered. It can substantiate a payment with additional proof. However, to avoid any confusion, make sure your product descriptions match the descriptions of any payment mechanism.

What Should a Packing List Include?

You will not be able to use every packing list template. Because what you choose to add may vary widely depending on your business and the products you offer, there is no one-size-fits-all approach in this scenario. However, there are a few items that should get included in every packing list template:

  • Date of order 
  • Order number 
  • Product information
  • Product quantity
  • Address for return

The following are some additional items to consider adding to your packing list:

  • Information on costs
  • Content’s importance Message customization
  • The logo of your business

What are the Benefits of Export Packing Lists?

If you don’t make a packing list, you’ll run into a slew of issues that will disrupt your business. These issues can range from not receiving your stuff to not being paid.


Each shipping container should have an export packing list affixed to the outside, preferably in a waterproof wrapper and an envelope labeled “Packing List Enclosed.” Shippers and forwarding agents are responsible for determining the entire weight and volume of the shipment and whether or not the correct cargo is getting shipped as specified.

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Travel packing list template
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